What Are The Causes Of Forgetting Thing And How To Overcome It

By | February 1, 2019

Forgetting is the common problem today in the world, and everyone suffers from it not happen with a particular age of people, for example, we forget the name of someone who meets us in the past or the date of the birthday of friends and relatives. There are many serious consequences of forgetting which we have to suffer if we know the exact reason that why we forget the thing, then we could overcome it.

You know sometimes forget thing proved to be good for us let me tell you if you forget irrelevant things and focus on stuff which is essential for you to so in such circumstances forgetting is good.

  • Over Consumption Of Alcohol

Everyone knows alcohol is dangerous for our health especially over consumption it may cause brain damage as well as memory so avoid over-consumption of alcohol. If you take at the weekend at the moderate level, then it is good but not worst. It will not harm you as over consumption of alcohol does.

  • Anxiety And Stress

When we have in stress, we experience a memory lost so reduce stress by yoga and meditation and don’t do any work which creates stress, and it is the common cause of forgetting the thing. For reducing the stress, you could do some physical exercise which raises the level of brain chemicals that encourage the growth of nerve cells undoubtedly it will boost your memory.

  • Nutrition

For thinking and remembering clearly it needs an adequate amount of nutrition, and it has been researched that deficiencies in vitamin have the negative impact on the brain which reduces memory skill so add nutrition food in your meal, for example, salmon, kale, seaweed, etc.

What Should We Do To Get Rid Of Forgetting Things

  • Emotionally connect with the thing

When we emotionally attached to anything, then it is memorized with us in a more extended period, and a person finds a reason to stay the information. Everyone should always try to emotionally association with things it will increase the gaining power of memory if do it then your brain consider it essential and create a space for it.

  • Write note

Yes, it is possible that everyone could not remember all the things in the hectic life. But if you note down in clear space and look every day especially in the morning, you can remember it doesn’t matter how long notes are. You can write an appointment, events and even more thing which is essential.

  • Set alarm

Set the alarm every day and honestly follow if you like to not forgetting the thing and it will help you in time management. You can set on a weekly basis, daily basis, and monthly basis according to your circumstances and requirement.

  • One thing at a time

Everyone should concentrate one thing at one time avoid multitasking this is the mantra to not forgetting thing what happens with us is we use our brain in more than one items, for example, watching t .v along with eating food as well as texting message. Yes, we cannot more than one work, but we could not memorize it accurately, so do job one by one and keep yourself organized.

Thanks for visiting our site as well as reading this article if you follow what we have put in the article certainly it makes you an intelligent person who will take the right decision according to circumstances.

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