Lesson Plan Template

By | February 27, 2019

A lesson plan template is essential for effective and efficient planning and delivering lessons. If you are a teacher, then you should use it because it is an organized way of teaching. There are plenty of sites which provide free lesson plan template so take that for reducing planning effort and time.

There is various type of lesson plan. Let’s talk about weekly in which all the activities and assignments carried out by the student during the week. It is the majorly uses by the teacher because it helps in creating an effective and efficient weekly plan as well as having each day of week and hour make convenience and flexible.

A teacher can make a daily lesson plan template for the purpose and activities performed on a specific day. An objective is the central part of any lesson plan template in which a well-described goal is written regarding what you want your students to accomplish when the lesson has been finished.

Important Component Of Lesson Plan Template

Accumulate Material
First and foremost gather all the material which means what stuff you need to teach the lesson. The benefit of having all the material is that you can sincerely devote all your energy to teaching the lesson. On the other hand in the absence of material it may create a panic situation between delivering the lessons.

An objective is what you want from the student at the end of the lesson. It is introduced at the beginning of the lesson.

Background Knowledge
This component is significant in lesson plan template in which background knowledge of student checked, for instance, previous life experience and prior learning, and this will help in assessing what student has already known and what new concept you are going to teach him.

Student Interaction Patterns
In the classroom, there is a possibility of the different mindset of the student, for example, some student understands in sitting, but some student takes time to follow a particular topic. So make student interaction patterns according to the mentality of the student.

Importance Of Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan template shows a teacher intent for conducting a class and It help teacher while delivering a lesson for example how to teach and what should teach as well as sometimes a teacher confused that time a lesson plan template helps you to come back on track. A complete syllabus and shape of lecture give more confidence to a teacher while teaching.

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